1. Organising the four of us: Ever wondered how much electricity your slow cooker uses?

    • I now know that any meal cooked on low in our slow cooker for 8 hours or less is going to use less electricity than what our oven would use just to heat up.
    • Just lately I have taken notice of how much it costs to cook in the oven and slow cooker.


  2. Ever wondered how much your appliances cost to run? Some may shock you

    • A breakdown of how much power it takes and how much it costs to run your home appliances.
    • Some electrical appliances use very little electricity whereas other electrical appliances use a huge amount.


  3. What is Electricity? | How is electricity created?

    • How is electricity created? Have you ever wondered where electricity comes from?
    • Most electricity we use is created by generators. Scientists are discovering new methods to make electricity.


  4. How Does an Electric Meter Read Power?

    • Have you ever wondered how the utility company knows how much power you use each month? In short, it uses an electric meter.
    • Older types of electric meters are mechanical and use a system of gears and wheels to record electricity consumption.


  5. Ever wonder how much electricity one Bitcoin transaction uses? — Steemit

    • I wonder how much power all those brick and mortar banking institutions and their employees use every month?
    • It is a very interesting fact about the amount of electricity it takes to send bitcoin. Although I'm not totally sure how it works, I fully believe it.


  6. Ever wondered how much your appliances cost to run? – npower

    • Electric Cooker: £2.98 a week Most electric cookers use 15 units of electricity – that’s about £2.98 worth – to cook a week’s worth of meals for a family of four. Costs will vary depending on the cooker you have, how often you use it and how energy efficient it is.


  7. Ever wondered how gas stations work

    • No need to ever know "how much it needs", the computer and sensor do the work for you.
    • Next time you're at the pump you can take a second to appreciate all the work it took to get your gas to you.
    • - The unsung hero. a. Ever wonder how to use a gas station in Japan?


  8. AE Kids : All About Electricity

    • How We Use Electricity.
    • All About Electricity. Take a look at how electricity is made, how it gets to your house and more.
    • How Electricity Is Made. Have you ever wondered where electricity comes from?


  9. How to figure out how much batter you need for a large cake pan

    • Have you ever wondered how much batter you’ll need to fill a paisley or tear drop shaped pan?
    • Again, if we’re using the devil’s food chocolate cake recipe that level is two-thirds of the way up. In this case, it took me between five and six 9″ cake pans to fill the 11″ cake pan.


  10. What Is a Transformer? | Wonderopolis | Have You Ever Wondered...

    • Have you ever given much thought to how electricity gets from the power plant to your house?
    • That transformer was SO big, it took a couple weeks just to install it! We WONDER how many other transformers are that big!


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